How to choose a Bank in Greece?

Because of the financial crisis, many foreign banks have closed their branches in Greece. Of the remaining lead HSBC and Citibank, providing customers with the widest possible package of services. As for Greek banks, the largest now are Alpha Bank, Eurobank Ergasias Bank, National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank.

Most Greek banks are open from 08:00 to 14:30 and never on weekends. However, there are several banks, whose branches in major shopping malls are open until 21:00 and closed on Saturdays. This is an important detail, because not all foreigners arriving in Greece, able at first to deal with the local ATMs and prefer to communicate with English-speaking clerks.

In addition, many Greek banks operate extremely slowly. Fortunately, most of them have English versions of the sites, so the potential client is able to know in advance how long they will have to open an account. If to speak about speed of service, here are the leaders Eurobank and Alpha Bank, opening accounts and issuing debit cards in just one day. By the way, these same banks and ATMs have English interface, which is rare for Greece.

The majority of Greek banks offer their customers to use the services of mobile and online banking.



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