How to release a debit card in Greece?

Greek banks issue debit cards on the day of account opening. The application must specify which type of card you want, and literally, within a few minutes the card will be issued and handed out together with the envelope with the PIN code. In Greece there are all types of debit cards. Common and prepaid cards for online purchases: the Bank binds them to account, and may issue, together with a standard debit card. On a prepaid card, you can put a maximum of three thousand Euro, however, more common cards for smaller amounts of up to 450 Euro.

Greek banks offer their clients a variety of packages, tied to debit cards. There are programs designed for students or pensioners, there is a reward system, when a customer receives points for purchases made in certain stores. However, despite the fact that debit cards are common in Greece, restaurants and shops of small towns often take cash only and the ATM in the town and do one and not the Bank. For cash withdrawal at ATM of another Bank charged a Commission rate of 1.5 Euro.

The annual fee for a debit card on average is 25 Euro.



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