How to register a company in Greece?

Many businessmen that have passed the procedure of registering a private company in Greece, complaining about the local bureaucracy. In addition, indeed: in Greece often ignore modern technology, and what can be done in a few minutes, results in hours of paperwork and standing in queues. Upon incorporation, the alien will need to get the appropriate references in the Greek tax service, pension Fund and chamber of Commerce. To avoid going to these instances will fail: firms-mediator, helping to open a company in Greece are not particularly common.

The procedure of registration of the company is divided into several stages and covers a total of about 15 days. The chamber of Commerce will submit to the Greek social insurance number (AFM), proof of share capital (depending on the size of the company - from 18 to 60 thousand Euro), ID, business plan and articles of Association, request for manufacturing of company seal (in most institutions of Greece printing were abolished, but it might need when working with the banks), a certificate from a Greek Bank to open a corporate account, a certificate of registration by place of residence and certificate of registration with the insurance company. For the issue of certificates and the registration you will have to spend about 350 Euro.



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