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How to receive a residence permit in Bulgaria?

The grounds for granting residence permit in Bulgaria is to buy real estate in the amount of 600 thousand BGN (300 thousand Euro), or investment in poor and disadvantaged areas of the country from 250 thousand BGN (125 thousand Euro). Bulgaria grants a residence permit to people who have a work permit from the Ministry of labour and social policy of the country, or opening their own company, able to provide at least 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens.


Bulgarian residence permit is of two types: short-term (up to 1 year) and long term (5 years). To obtain a residence permit, the foreigner must enter the country on a visa category D - the receipt is considered a kind of guarantee that the applicant will receive a residence permit. Upon arrival, the immigration service should submit a package of documents: a valid passport, a work permit in Bulgaria or other proof of the expediency of granting a residence permit (certificate of real estate acquisition, evidence of investment and so on). In addition, you will need to sign an insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance and confirm their solvency.


If the candidate of the applicant is approved, then making a one-year residence permit will take seven working days. The fee for the temporary resident card (it is released in a month) is 45 leva (23 Euro). Upon expiry of the residence permit can be extended for 5 years.



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