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How to receive permanent residence in Bulgaria?

The conduct private business in Bulgaria for five years is the basis for granting permanent residence. Before submitting all the documents you need to provide data migration service that the applicant had received up to that time long-term residence permit for five years continuously and legally lived in the country and was absent during this time in the country for no longer than 30 months.


A good basis for obtaining permanent residence will become an investment in the Bulgarian economy in the amount of 1 million BGN (510 thousand Euro), equal participation in equity capital of a Bulgarian company, the availability of real estate.


In addition to certificates confirming the Foundation of the applicant's permanent residence, you will need a valid passport, proof of income, proof of account in a Bulgarian Bank, a certificate of no criminal record. The procedure of registration of permanent residence in just over a month. Migration service week examines the documents of the applicant, and then another month produces plastic card ID (its design is 100 BGN - EUR 51).



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