How to register a company in Bulgaria?

Despite the apparent ease, opening a company in Bulgaria leads to the familiarity with the local bureaucracy. First, there is no single set of rules for the company registration for foreigners: applicants have to complete paper made especially for the country from which they came. Second, before registering, you should decide what type of company you are about to access: for each type need to complete a separate Declaration, which is then sent to the Register of companies. Thirdly, regardless of what documents appear in the list of chamber of Commerce, it would be better to collect all information that may help: income certificate, Bank statement, certificate of registration by place of residence.


If we talk about the collection of documents and the registration process, then the easiest for a foreigner not from EU countries is the registration of private enterprise (similar to the once existed in Russia concepts IPB). For this chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria must submit a completed form A1 (application for registration) with information about the name under which will carry on the business entrepreneur, the office address and the story of its field. The applicant must be present when submitting documents in person and present a valid passport and the certificate of permanent residence in Bulgaria - without it the company will not allow to be open.


Also the applicant will have to fill in a Declaration stating that he is not currently and has not been ever bankruptcy, not the debtor and that his name is not registered with the company of another entrepreneur. The registration process will take five days and cost to the applicant within 60 leva (30 Euro).



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