How to choose a Bank in Bulgaria?

The banking sector in Bulgaria is not as well developed as in most Western European countries. State banks were privatized only in 2000, and many of them still have signs of developed socialism: the reluctance to communicate with customers and provide them with the documents in any other language than Bulgarian, sluggishness and weak knowledge of modern technology.


The latter is especially critical for clients who are accustomed to mobile and Internet banking. Because of the extremely poor telecommunications systems not all Bulgarian banks can boast of these two services. Many banks charge a fee for using Internet banking. In this way, customers often can get for your money balance information. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to representative offices of foreign banks in Bulgaria: they are willing to provide clients with bigger packages than their Bulgarian counterparts.


However, commercial banks provide banking services. In total, there are 28 banks, and 90% of them are owned by foreign capital. The largest of them are Bulbank, DSK Bank, United Bulgarian Bank. However, the most popular among foreigners in Bulgaria is considered a Post Bank. He has 30 regular offices and 2300 post (which is important for rural areas where there may not be, for example, of the store, but the post will be required).



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