How to issue a debit card in Bulgaria?

All types of debit cards including contactless are spread in Bulgaria. Banks issue international debit card V PAY, and Visa Cash back, but most popular cards in the country are Maestro cards. Selecting the right service package, you must remember that some types of debit cards are issued only for residents of Bulgaria.


The bank opens the card alongside with the opening of the account. However, it is possible to receive it only in the bank branch where the client has submitted documents. It is recommended to have always a small amount in the account in lev because fee for service is on the average 1.5 lev (0.75 Euro) will be charged monthly. Loyalty programs of debit cards in Bulgaria are almost not applied. Prepaid cards are also not spread in the country.


Most ATMs in Bulgaria are located in large cities: in banks branches, shopping centers and supermarkets. But, if you are going to go to a remote area, it is recommended to withdraw money from card because there may not be ATMs and small shops may not accept cards at all.



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