How to choose a bank in Norway?

Historically, there was a strong banking system in Norway. The oldest commercial bank in the country is Storebrand Bank, founded in 1767. The oldest savings bank is Sparebanken Vest, founded in 1823.There are altogether three types of banks: commercial, savings and foreign.


A distinctive feature of Norwegian banks is their absolute integrity in the world of high technology. Therefore, there are banks in the country, preferring not to open branches at all and manage their work with clients in the Internet, beginning with the opening of the account and selecting the package and ending with processing the loan. In addition, some Norwegian banks have specialized programs for expatriates. They are fully dedicated to the needs of foreigners in Norway, and due to them you do not have to contact a financial advisor.


To open an account foreigners are advised to contact the DnB NOR, Fokus Bank, Nordea and Postbanken. They are best suited to work with foreign clients and offer the most convenient service packages. Of course, most banks in Norway have an English version of the site, and the staff of branches speaks English good



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