How to open an account in Norway?

Norwegian banks offer foreigners a great variety of banking packages, and when you open an account it is important to take this into account. The benefits of such packages can include lower interest rates on the loan, higher interest rates on savings accounts, free of service credit cards, discounts on registration of insurance and much more. Also, do not forget that for Norwegian banks charging a small fee for, for example, payment of utility bills via the Internet is a common practice. So, you need to choose a package where the Commission will be minimal.


In general, Norwegian banks are loyal to foreign customers and allow them to open an account before they obtain resident status. You can bring a certificate to a department from the tax office that the resident status is being currently completing. It will suffice for the bank.


In addition to this certificate (or the Norwegian already finished identification number) when opening the account it may also be necessary a passport, passport-size color photo and a residence permission. Some banks may ask for a statement of account in the previous bank. When opening an account online, all data are entered into the form and then validated by the bank. If all documents are approved, Norwegian banks open an account in a few days.



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