How to issue a debit card in Norway?

It is difficult to live in Norway without a local debit card. Most of the restaurants, shops and hotels accept foreign cards, often by charging a fee for their use. But most Norwegian supermarkets and gas stations work only with local cards. So the need for Norwegian debit card receiving is understandable.


In most cases, the Norwegian banks issue debit card simultaneously with the opening of the account. You can receive it at a branch bank or, if the account has been opened via Internet, by mail to the home address specified in the questionnaire. Card comes with the PIN-code, and you should not be afraid of it. Honesty is worth above all things in Norway, over the years, and locals are used to receive via mail even important financial documents. True, you can make up PIN-code on your own (for this you should note in the form corresponding item) and report it to the bank via phone.


Bank card service will cost on the average 275 Norwegian kroner per year (32 Euros). You will have to pay the same amount for the issue of an additional card. About 7 kroner (0.8 Euro) will be charged off the card for cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks.


All the existing types of plastic cards function in the country. There are a lot of ATMs (in Norway they are called Mini-Banks), especially in large cities. Some ATMs allow you to withdraw money in the European currency (service fee is 20 Norwegian kroner - 2.3 Euros).



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