How to register a company in Norway?

There is favorable climate for the business organization in Norway. But along with this there are strict rules that must be followed registering the company.


First, you must decide what the company specialization will be. It is required to obtain permission to conduct any kind of business - from trade to fishing in Norway. This determines what section of the Norwegian Register of Companies you have to deal with. Secondly, before the main package of documents it is necessary to register a company in the Central Coordinating Register of Companies (Brønnøysund Register Centre). After a nine registration number received (if Norwegian identification number has been issued), you can complete the registration process.


Among other documents There are certificate of residence registration, corporate bank account (you cannot open it without the registration number of the company) with the amount of 30 thousand Norwegian kroner (3.5 thousand Euros), individual tax number and corporate insurance in case of employees hiring. Registration of the company is executed within three working days. The registration fee is 5666 Norwegian kroner (676 Euros) if the registration is carried out in the Internet and the 6797 Norwegian kroner (812 Euros if the documents are prepared in paper form.


Registration forms can be found on the corresponding website. All of them are written in Norwegian, but a detailed English manual allows avoiding translation services.



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