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How to receive a residence permit in Norway?

Nobody is given a residence permit in Norway. Instead, any foreigner who intends to live in the country more than six months must obtain Norwegian 11-digit identification number. It is issued by the Foreigners Office if the applicant can provide a reason for residence and confirm the fact of his residence in Norway during the last six months (such confirmation may be the D category visa).


To receive an identification number it is required to fill an appropriate application wherein you must indicate the reasons of your long residence in Norway (the purchase of real estate, the availability of the work permit, a letter of recommendation from a potential partner for the future business, or any recognized guarantor). You will also need a passport and a certificate of no criminal record (arrests and convictions). All documents and copies thereof must be translated into Norwegian or English.


Norwegian identification number is valid for one year and extended automatically if there is no change in the status of a resident. For the the card with the number issue you will have to pay 300 Norwegian kroner (35 Euros).



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