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How to receive a permanent resident status in Norway?

Having taken a Norwegian identification number, you can apply to the police for receiving the permanent resident status in three years. The main requirement for a permanent resident status resident status is knowledge of the Norwegian language. Accordingly, the applicant will have to pass examination (in addition to the language, you must also pass Social Studies) and receive a certificate of successful completion of courses.


Before permanent residence status receiving you will have to submit Norwegian-language application, a list of your journeys over the past three years, with the confirmation of the fact that your stay outside Norway was not more than three months per year. Among the other documents: passport and copies of all pages with stamps, Norwegian identification number, confirming the right of legal stay in the country and passport photograph.


Permanent resident status registration takes a month. The permanent resident status itself is valid for ten years. After this period you can apply for a Norwegian citizenship.



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