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Contextual thinking as an efficient consulting criterion

Trade motto of one of the Big Four firms is the slogan «connectedthinking» What does it mean? Only one proficiency in English is probably not enough to understand the logic of marketing experts of well-known company. But if you try to rely on the spirit of the consulting business itself ...


Ideally, the Consultant is a person who knows "what is the best way to", "what is the right way to" and "how to" behave. He is a kind of "cleaner", who with its experience and knowledge-mediated clears (points, outlines) road, along which the businessman will move to the goal or "cleans" (minimize, eliminate) the consequences of the mistakes that were made without his (adviser) consent or by other consultants. So, the context of the problem being solved obtains a special value.


Formulation of the problem


The more carefully consultant examines, more deeply will understand the essence of your business, financial flows, economic and organizational relationships of structural units of the holding, long-term objectives and short-term goals, the more effective the offered solution will be. A trivial from a technical point of view task of creating a foreign company requires answers to these (and many other) issues. And in this case, the matter is not limited to banal enumeration of typical usage patterns of foreign companies, as each of them is the "ideal model", which can operate under matches of 20 conditions, despite the fact that in real life you can count no more than three - five matches.


The task taken out of context is similar to the task of killing the pain shock through long procaine block performed without examining contraindications, allergic reactions and without further treatment the root causes led to serious complications caused the pain. That is a positive result is possible only under very favorable circumstances.


Consultant’s specialization


The head is not rubber (I doubt that I surprised someone). So why the desire to find answers to ALL questions from ONE expert remains so stubborn, even he is well-established on the single issue. If we continue with the medical analogy, if you have a toothache, most likely, there is no question the doctor with what specialization you should visit. However, even in the dental clinic you will face the division of labor. Let alone the tasks that lie at the intersection of legal, tax and financial knowledge and cover almost all of these three areas.


Thus, the number of experts (each of which is in the context of a specialized subject), their experience determines the cumulative experience and "background" accumulated by the company. And the very fact of the value of the organization, its history, as a rule, witnesses the same.


Foreign experts


It is clear that the aim to apply to a foreign specialist is dictated by the criteria that are sometimes appropriate to take into consideration, however, if your choice is based only on their professionalism, you should again consider the context.


In this case, the geographical, territorial, context, which goes beyond mere knowledge of the Russian tax system and a number of law branches, that is also difficult to believe foreign experts have, especially taking into account its volume, volatility, and the structural property only outlines now, as well as the impact of case law on law enforcement practice. Let alone the special "business environment", the "customary business practice" that applies to the field of governmental regulation of business.


It is difficult to assume that the foreign lawyer, accountant, trustee, even Russian-born, will have the knowledge required for an adequate dialogue and effective consulting. And a solution, he suggested, would be taken out of context, making it inapplicable in the Russian context.

Alekseev Alexandr


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