How to buy apartment in Czech Republic

It is very easy to buy an apartment in the Czech Republic. Enter the real estate section of the largest Czech search engine Seznam, select the object you like and contact the buyer, agree on a visiting. In order to become the owner of the apartment, house or castle (they are inexpensive) in the Czech Republic, a residence permit is not necessary, just Russian or Ukrainian passport. If you hesitate about talking to the seller on your own, take a Russian-speaking realtor alone, having agreed on the cost of the service (objects visiting and transaction processing). He can also be charged for the property search, but choosing of variants on your own is much more easier and efficient.


The agent can request a percent of the purchase price (up to 3-5%) or a fixed cost. Since my apartment was not the cheapest, and the broker is not confused by the amount of "accrued" interest, I had to refer to my friends and find an adequate mediator, who took quite a modest fee. I hope the moderators do not consider it advertising, I can recommend the company that helped me.


Next. After you have found the apartment and agreed on a price, you reach the deal. In our case, we used the escrow-account in the Czech Sberbank (everything was perfect). The bank offers the official service, when it acts as an intermediary, it receives your money to a special account, waits for confirmation that the apartment has been re-arranged, and then, agreeing this with you, sends money to the seller. At the time of purchase, no tax effects have not come, the seller apartment pays a sales tax.


Confirmation of the fact that you are a proud owner of an apartment in the Czech Republic, is an extract from the cadastre with your name (it will be made by a realtor). In addition, ask him/her to re-register gas, electricity and public services in advance for you (this will be included in the cost). Be sure to register as the payer of property tax before February 1 of next year after the purchase (the tax rate is rather conventional). This problem can also be addressed to the realtor. Another friendly advice: visiting apartments necessarily ask the amount of utility payments. As a rule, they are small, but there are exceptions, especially if you look for property above the average level.


Unlike some other countries in Europe, buying a real estate in the Czech Republic does not give you a reason to ask for a residence permit. No one cares about the fact that you have an apartment in Prague. At all. But you may apply for the annual "tourist" visa bringing extract from cadastre to a consulate.




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