How to choose a Bank in Croatia?

In Croatia today in the financial market about 30 banks are represented. As local (with less capital owned by individuals), and large, with well-known foreign brands. To the big banks of Croatia, working on the market for a dozen years, we can be attributed to these banks as, for example: Banca Popolare Croatia, OTP banka Hrvatska, Raiffeisen bank Austria, Sberbank, Societe Generale-Splitska banka Zagrebačka banka. These banks have dozens or even hundreds of offices across the country.

The services offered basically are the same everywhere, both for individuals and for companies: opening and servicing accounts, deposits, money transfers, foreign exchange transactions, asset management, credit cards, insurance, etc.

Almost every Bank in Croatia has a website in English. The information is provided available and describes in detail all the main conditions of cooperation with clients. Almost all the non-resident can open “an account for non-resident”, with the only condition that such customer will demand registration at any address in Croatia. Confirmation of temporary residence permits is mandatory. Without this account it is impossible to open even a residence.

In many banks today you can find Russian-speaking staff, and get competent assistance in the native language.

When deciding on the Bank in Croatia pay attention, first, to the name of the Bank, its reputation, ask how long it has been on the market, read reviews about it on the forums, examine the service fees of the Bank and compare them with others.

Be sure with such an abundance of presented banks in Croatia, you will definitely choose the one whose cooperation will be mutually beneficial and productive for you.



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