How to open a Bank account in Croatia?

Not having a residence permit or citizenship of Croatia to open a personal account at the Bank in the status “Not resident”. For this you need your Russian passport, temporary residence permit at some address in Croatia (issued by police), the application for account opening (to be filled in the Bank, with the assistance of the Manager).

Immediately stipulate the currency in which you open an account and if there is possibility deposits to the account of another foreign currency, for example: account in HRK, but transfers are possible in Euro.

All the conditions are stipulated in the account opening.  You will not be taken money for the opening of the account. Moreover, the service will cost banks in Croatia, on average, 10-12 Euro per year. In addition, as in any country of the Eurozone, to the account can be “linked” Bank debit card of any payment system, with which the Bank operates.



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How to open a Bank account in Croatia?
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