How to receive mortgage in Croatia?

As in many other countries, in Croatia only residents have the advantage to get credit on mortgage. Residents are citizens of Croatia and Croatians living abroad. It is almost impossible for citizens of other countries to buy property in Croatia on credit.

But it cannot hurt to try. You have a chance, if you are: a legal entity organized and operating in the territory of the country. Being a citizen of the Russian Federation and not having residence permit in Croatia, permanent residence or a private firm, you most likely will not dream of mortgage.

However, with access Russian banks to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, mortgage in Croatia became a reality. List of documents and sample applications to fill can be found on the website of banks.

Sberbank, for example, when applying for the mortgage (subject to availability and other conditions for the mortgage are: permit, permanent residence, Private firm, etc.), also requires: a certificate from the income received over the last three months, supporting documents about other sources of income or means of contents (statement of accounts in other banks), a certificate from the tax that the taxpayer has no debt, confirmation of the basis for pension insurance in the past six months. The property underlying collateral must be registered in the land registry.

The Bank reserves the right to request additional documentation at their discretion. Mortgage may qualify a person aged 20 years and 70 years at the date of repayment of the loan. A citizen of Croatia, having a permanent job, courtesy of the Croatian employer bound by an employment contract for an indefinite term and who has worked not less than 3 months.

In the case of the mortgage approval in Croatia, the conditions will be very affordable: mortgages, generally issued for a period up to 15 years in the amount of up to 95% of the appraised value of the property. Real estate in Croatia in the mortgage can be purchased at the rate on the loan at 4-6%. The minimum loan under this type of lending will amount to €100 000 - €120 000.



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