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How to receive residence permit in Croatia?

To stay in the country longer than 90 days you need to apply for temporary permit (residence permit). The residence permit is issued for a year, and then it is extended. To apply for a residence permit in Croatia have the right: spouses and minor children of Croatian citizens or who has already had a residence permit; property owners; the owners of the company, registered and based in Croatia, foreign citizens with a work permit; foreign citizens arriving to study in the University or school in Croatia.

To obtain a residence permit based on doing business, you must invest in the economy of the country not less than 100 thousand Euro for 3 years and hire at least one citizen of Croatia.

The cost of the target property is of little consequence. The application for a residence permit must submit to the police Department Croatia. In anticipation of the answer can be in the country, but you can get it and at the Croatian Embassy in the Russian Federation.

The documents that will be required for filing for a permit: application form (to be filled in the Croatian language); two photos 3x4 cm; photocopy of the valid passport; proof of financial security; the documents, confirming the place of residence in Croatia (the contract of purchase and sale of real estate); proof of health insurance or international insurance policy; certificate of no criminal record issued by the state authority of the country of nationality.



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