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How to receive permanent residence in Croatia?

The basis for obtaining permanent residence in Croatia is continuous residence in the territory of the country for 3-5 years, the status of residence permit. In practice, permanent residence can be obtained only after 5 years. And every year it should be carried out on the territory of Croatia at least for 10 months.

The certain basis for obtaining permanent residence in Croatia is a marriage with a citizen of the country. With delivery of all documents and most importantly thing is the certificate of registration of marriage and documents about residence permit, certificate of employment, or provide other proof of availability of funds for life (reference on the savings and investment in the country, an extract from the Bank account, pension certificate or guarantee from the citizen of Croatia, who is employed and has a steady income).

Documents for permanent residence are served in the territorial bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country. To obtain permanent residency, you must also pass the exam on knowledge of the Croatian language. A foreigner with permanent residence, has the right to pretend to citizenship.



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