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Country information

The state located in the centre of the Mediterranean is in southern Europe. In the North-West the country borders on France in the North with Switzerland and Austria, and in North-East Slovenia. Inside it borders on Vatican City and San Marino. It occupies the Apennine Peninsula, a small part of the Balkan Peninsula, Po valley, the southern slopes of the Alps, Sicily, Sardinia, and several other small Islands. Piazza Italia: 301 338 km2. Climate: in the North is transitional from subtropical to temperate. Hot summer, in July to +24°C. Cold wet winter, in January of about 0°C. In the island part of Italy, the Mediterranean climate prevails, 2/3 of the year it is clear, summer is hot and dry (in July it is average +26°C), winter is warm and mild (in January it is from +8°C to 10°C). In the South of the Peninsula from March to October dry hot winds blows from the Sahara – “Sirocco”. During this period the temperature rises to +35°C. The Capital of Italy is Rome. It has the population of about 3 000 000 people. Italian is the official language.

National currency
(IT, phone code +39)

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