Banks in Montenegro
+ 382 20 41 55 00
Bulevar Revolucije br. 178, 1000, Podgorica
+ 382 20 48 14 81
19. decembra 5. Gradski stadion, 81000, Podgorica
+ 382 00 000 000
Moskovska 42, 81000, Podgorica 

Country information

Republic of Montenegro is a small country in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. It is washed by the Adriatic Sea and borders on Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. The climate is Mediterranean. The average summer temperature is +27°C, in January it is 12°C. The official language is Montenegrin, and Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian and Croatian are officially used.


The writing is in Latin. The Capital of Montenegro is Podgorica.

National currency
(ME, MNE, phone code +382)

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