I have no pleasant memories of Raiffeisenbank left. I’ve been using easybank for the second year; I like it and gebur is much lower than in Raiffeisen.   P.S .: And most important, internet - banking is very comfortable! While Raiffeisen makes my eyes hurt, its usability is poor.

25 August 2016 909


I opened current accounts in Euros, US dollars, British pounds and Russian rubles. I decided not to open a savings account in the same amount: I was sorry for the employee. :) The Rietumu is great, ‘cause the account is multicurrency, and the account that gets it depends on the currency that comes. 0.1% per annum on savings account I consider to be mockery, especially given the fact that the money...

01 August 2016 787


I am with Nordea (http://www.nordea.pl/). All the ATMs are with no provisions + internet servicing at a good level! I recommend it to everyone!      

18 April 2016 834

Zuno bank

I like Zuno bank's fee schedule:A: 0 fee for a checking account and EUR 1.20 for ATM withdrawals abroadB: 2.80 monthly fee and free ATM withdrawals abroadThere are only two problems, though:- I am not a permanent resident, so I am not qualified for this account.- Their net banking require a Slovak SMS number for confirmation. Though I can get one, it's a PITA to replace a Slovak SIM card (once lost) when...

07 April 2016 551

Opening an account in the Netherlands as a non-resident

I wanted to open an account in Amsterdam as a non-resident. ABN AMRO managed to confuse me for a long time. They even accepted my application and file, but then turned them down, explaining that Russia was in the risky zone. Rabo bank refused my request at once. But I managed to open an account in ATM (Amsterdam Trade Bank), which is a subsidiary of Alfa bank. But they do not emit a card for such an...

10 November 2015 2476

Ceska Sporitelna charging all the operations

I’ve been a Ceska Sporitelna since summer 2014. When I first went to the branch situated in Dejvicka, I was worried, because I didn’t speak any Czech, and was not sure that bank clerks could speak English. When I came to the bank, I took an electronic ticket and was soon called up. When I told the manager that I could not speak Czech, he started speaking English to me that was a nice...

Czech Republic 
28 August 2015 724

Opening an account at ČSOB

We didn’t have enough time to choose the most comfortable bank for us, as my husband came to the Czech Republic for work, so he needed to open an account quickly. His colleague from hr department took him to ČSOB, as it’s one of the oldest Czech banks with many ATMs and branches. Nevertheless, now we understand that it was not the best choice in the market.  My husband opened the...

Czech Republic 
28 August 2015 807

Fio banka. Comfortable and easy

Fio banka is one of the new Czech banks. I opened a debit account at this bank three years ago, as my Czech acquaintance advised me. Before that I used the services of major Česká spořitelna. Fio banka positives: -  it’s easy to open an account. Clerks don’t tire you with different questionnaires and forms. - you can open two accounts in two currencies: koruna (Kč) and euro...

Czech Republic 
28 August 2015 707

Credit Suisse decides not to give a MasterCard because of permit B

I’ve been working in Switzerland for several months. Right after my arrival here I hurried to open an account at Credit Suisse. I managed to do it with no problems at all, troubles started later on. Several days ago I received my Permit B, and the bank turned down my request for MasterCard, as it requested a Permit C. I was not happy with this decision, as I often shop online. It was even stranger,...

28 August 2015 619

Swedish SEB in Latvia falling short of high standards

Not long ago I opened an account in SEB, Latvia. Everybody knows that it’s a subsidiary of big and important Swedish bank. Unexpectedly for me the bank asked for the reasoning to open an account. After some negotiations we decided to use a purchase contract for a flat, as it is in no way binding: no terms or prices are indicated, no fines follow it. Internet-banking turned out comfortable, the speed...

28 August 2015 556

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