Erste Bank: fast and highly qualitative

When I came to Austria I somehow immediately got to Erste Bank. I came there with my passport and my Meldezettel (local registration that is quite easy to obtain). A bank clerk told me about the Austrian banking system and without any useless questions he processed the necessary documents. On the same day I got a password for Internet banking and the account number to get my salary on. The card itself was...

28 August 2015 351

Opening a bank account in Malta

If you are not a citizen of Malta, it’s quite difficult to open a bank account there. Besides the standard set of documents you will need to provide a strong reason, like a working permit or a permanent registration. You may also be asked to present bank account statements from other banks and a so called Reference letter. Reference letter is a letter from a bank, where you already have got an...

28 August 2015 454

Swedbank is my only choice and I highly recommend it

I needed an account where my employer could deposit my salary, so I chose Swedbank. I can’t explain this choice; probably the reason was that this bank is Swedish, not Latvian, which gives some confidence for the future.   I’ve been using this bank’s services for many years and I’m mostly happy about it. I can’t say whether it’s better or worse than any other bank...

28 August 2015 327

Fio Banka, the Czech Republic

It's probably a good bank, but only the Czech speakers can get an account opened here. nobody wanted to speak English to me and I was requested to  come with an interpreter. Moreover, it happened in Karlovy Vary, where almost every shop assistant, waiter, and bank clerk can speak Russian. After visiting the bank I got the feeling that Russians are not welcome there. It's understandable, but still...

Czech Republic 
28 August 2015 396

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