Fio banka. Comfortable and easy

Fio banka is one of the new Czech banks.

I opened a debit account at this bank three years ago, as my Czech acquaintance advised me. Before that I used the services of major Česká spořitelna.

Fio banka positives:

-  it’s easy to open an account. Clerks don’t tire you with different questionnaires and forms.

- you can open two accounts in two currencies: koruna (Kč) and euro (€).

- the bank charges NO monthly fee for account servicing 

- when opening an account the bank gives a FREE MASTERCARD PayPass for executing contactless payments 

- 8 times a month you can withdraw money at a FIO ATM free of charge. You can also withdraw money at ATMs of other banks if you have already used your card for payments in the amount of > 4000 Kč.

- comfortable free-of-charge Internet banking with the full information of your transactions, withdrawals at the ATMs, etc.

- if money is transferred to your account from abroad, the bank takes little percent of the transaction with an acceptable exchange rate.

- low mortgage credit

Fio banka negatives:

- little Fio ATMs 

In the three years I haven’t had any problems with this bank. Unlike many major banks, Fio has no hidden charges for services. It always informs its clients about the latest changes in tariffs. 

28 August 2015


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