Opening an account at ČSOB

We didn’t have enough time to choose the most comfortable bank for us, as my husband came to the Czech Republic for work, so he needed to open an account quickly. His colleague from hr department took him to ČSOB, as it’s one of the oldest Czech banks with many ATMs and branches. Nevertheless, now we understand that it was not the best choice in the market. 

My husband opened the Aktivní konto in koruna with his Byelorussian passport as the only document needed. 

Opening such an account is free of charge, including Internet banking and mobile banking. The bank also gave us two contactless cards for payments under 500 korunas: in my husband’s name and in my name. we could choose their design ourselves; we were also offered contactless phone stickers, but decided to refuse.

Positives: the clerks are very polite, they offered us water to drink, asked us if we understood everything (at that time we could poorly speak Czech, so, I don’t know how a Russian or English speaker could have been served). My husband got his card in about a week, while mine wasn’t ready for a long period. I have always been happy with the servicing at all the branches of the bank. It’s also comfortable that you can change your card’s pin-code yourself.

Negatives: you can only withdraw money at an ATM five times a month. If you use ATMs of other banks, or withdraw money at a ČSOB ATM for the sixth time, the bank charges this operation.

We live and work in the Czech Republic, so I don’t know how comfortable such an account is when you are abroad.

ČSOB as many other Czech banks maintains a lot of different charges for its operations. Now for opening my personal account I’m going to choose more thoroughly, with least charges possible. But ČSOB remains a good choice if you look for comfort and servicing of high quality.

28 August 2015


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