Ceska Sporitelna charging all the operations

I’ve been a Ceska Sporitelna since summer 2014. When I first went to the branch situated in Dejvicka, I was worried, because I didn’t speak any Czech, and was not sure that bank clerks could speak English.

When I came to the bank, I took an electronic ticket and was soon called up. When I told the manager that I could not speak Czech, he started speaking English to me that was a nice surprise. 

The account was opened in 20 minutes. I found out that I would only pay 29 korunas monthly up to the summer 2015, as it was a summer promotion at the bank. I was happy with polite and comfortable servicing and left the bank.

My attitude to the bank changed a little bit, when I started to use the account and understood my real spending. For example, withdrawal at ATMs different from this bank’s, costs 25 korunas + 0,5%, balance information is also charged, just like Internet banking and transactions even between the accounts of Ceska Sporitelna.

Thus, my monthly spending amounted at 300-400 korunas a month.

But CS’s greatest advantage is the big amount of its ATM all around Prague, which allows withdrawing money easily. 

Of course, I am not going to change the bank right now, as system of fees and charges is the same in all the Czech banks, but I would like to pay less for all the transactions with my account.

28 August 2015


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