Banks.eu is the first Internet portal that tells about all the details of the European banking system.

Our main aim is to choose a bank, to open an account, to get information about new bank products with no problems at all. To achieve that we gathered useful information and data on our site by employing managers of different European banks to participate in the project. The main advantage of Banks.eu is the possibility to keep a dialogue between the clients of the bank.

In the Banks section users can choose the country they are interested in and get information about it, like national currency, and etc. When choosing a country, the site users get a list of banks, situated there. To provide for the user friendly environment, we singled out the information of the head office and its contacts. We also supply you with a comprehensive guide on each European bank, its services for physical and juridical persons. We have found out whether these banks give a chance to open an account with the foreign passport of the Russian Federation and in what currency this service is available.

Any registered user may ask questions to a bank representative in a comfortable form. The question will be directed immediately to the bank representative. 

Firsthand experience is very important even in choosing a bank in Europe. We collect clients’ opinions and recommendations for different banks and countries in the section Experience. If you would like to praise a European bank which services you use, or live a complaint, than Experience section will help you to reach with this information to other users of the site to keep them away from bad servicing. 

You don’t know how to choose the right bank, or how to open an account and get a card emitted in a European bank? The Advice section was prepared exactly to answer all the most frequent questions. You can get more than 150 practical pieces of advice in different topics, from choosing a bank to opening a company.

Looking for a consultation in economic, financial, banking or juridical questions, a user should go to the Experts section. After choosing an expert, the user can ask him a public question, share a problem and get a fast consultation. 

The Forum section has been developed to create open topics with their following discussion. All the authorized users can participate in discussions and answer questions of other users.  

We hope that Banks.eu will help you to find answers to your financial questions and become one of the favorite sites for communication. 


Editor in chief,

Evgeniia Komleva


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